Seeds of hope – CAFE DECOUVERTES

Since a few years, a biological pepper production sector was born in Sao Tome and Principe. The creation of a cooperative managed locally and a price rate of stable sale, fixed and paid in advance, make at the same time of this sector an opportunity for the local level and an exception in the global economic model.

In the same time in India, the effects of the globalized market and the agricultural crisis in his region of Kerala, pushed Tomy Mathew to create Fair Trade Alliance Kerala.

Full film is only available on projection events organized by Café Découvertes.

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Project Description

This movie is a command by a French company named "Café Découvertes" which makes workshops and conferences to make sensitive people in mode of production and consumption. Explaining the pepper production process, showing the impact of consumption on the producers' life but also the beauty of manual labour and nature, were the purposes of the film. Duration : 29 minutes